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Port of Mozambique
Mozambique, in South-East Africa, became an important region of slave embarkation in the nineteenth century. The coast of Mozambique included several ports opened for the slave trade, one of which not only had the same name as the region but was located on the Island of Mozambique. The image is of a map of Mozambique Port. It provides details about the depth of the sea as well as the names of the islands and the main coastal points around the port. Mozambique Island is located in the center of the port. The map was published by Commander Francisco Maria Bordalo, responsible for completing a report on the Portuguese possessions overseas begun by Commander José Joaquim Lopes de Lima. The image is reproduced courtesy of the Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library, Emory University.
J.J. Lopes de Lima, Ensaios sobre a Statística das Possessões Portuguezas... (Lisbon, 1844-62), vol. 4, located at the end of the volume.
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