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The full extent of time from the first to the last voyage is 1514 – 1866 (restore it).

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Voyage 34376, Glaneur (1823)
Ship, nation, ownersVoyage identification number
Voyage in 1999 CD-ROM
Vessel name
Place constructed
Year constructed
Place registered
Year registered
Standardized tonnage*
Guns mounted
Vessel owners
Voyage OutcomeParticular outcome of voyage
Left home port, no further record
Outcome of voyage for slaves*
No information on slaves
Outcome of voyage if ship captured*
Outcome of voyage for owner*
Unknown outcome
African resistance
Voyage ItineraryPlace where voyage began*
Le Havre
First place of slave purchase
Second place of slave purchase
Third place of slave purchase
Principal place of slave purchase*
Places of call before Atlantic crossing
First place of slave landing
Second place of slave landing
Third place of slave landing
Principal place of slave landing*
Brazil, region unspecified
Place where voyage ended
Region where voyage began*
First region of slave purchase
Second region of slave purchase
Third region of slave purchase
Principal region of slave purchase*
First region of slave landing
Second region of slave landing
Third region of slave landing
Principal region of slave landing*
Other Brazil
Region where voyage ended
Voyage DatesYear arrived with slaves*
Date voyage began
Date trade began in Africa
Date vessel departed Africa
Date vessel arrived with slaves
Date vessel departed for home port
Date voyage completed
Voyage length, home port to slaves landing (days)*
Middle passage (days)*
Captain and CrewCaptain's name
Crew at voyage outset
Crew at first landing of slaves
Crew deaths during voyage
Slaves (numbers)Number of slaves intended at first place of purchase
Slaves carried from first place of purchase
Slaves carried from second place of purchase
Slaves carried from third place of purchase
Total slaves embarked
Total slaves embarked*
Number of slaves arriving at first place of landing
Number of slaves disembarked at first place of landing
Number of slaves disembarked at second place of landing
Number of slaves disembarked at third place of landing
Total slaves disembarked*
Slaves (characteristics)Percentage men*
Percentage women*
Percentage boys*
Percentage girls*
Percentage male*
Percentage children*
Sterling cash price in Jamaica*
Slave deaths during middle passage*
Percentage of slaves embarked who died during voyage*
Daget: Daget, Serge, Répertoire des Expéditions Négrières Françaises à la Traite Illégale (1814-1850) (Nantes, 1988).  
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