The 1808 Slave Trade Abolition Deadline

High School Lesson Plan

Sept. 29, 2022, 12:14 p.m.

High School LP Lesson Plan

Author: Heather Dahl
Grade Level: 10th - 12th grade
Course: US History, US Government
Key Words: Abolition; Slave Trade; United States; Primary Sources; Graph skills


In this lesson, students will examine the data of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and primary sources related to the slave trade. The data will easily reveal to students a steep incline before 1808 and, in fact, a continuation of imported enslaved Africans after the slave trade was abolished in the United States and Great Britain. Students will also examine perspectives on slavery, as the deadline for ending the slave trade approached and passed. The lesson allows students to develop their own conclusions about both the intention and impact of the 1808 deadline on the overall history of slavery.


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