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Catherine Zimmermann-Mulgrave, the third person from the left, was a survivor of a slave voyage from Africa. She sailed in the slave vessel ""Heroina"". In 1833, the ""Heroina"" embarked slaves in Angola, on the West-Central African coast, and set sail to Cuba, but wrecked off the coast of Jamaica. She escaped from the wreck, along with other slaves, and received the western name of Catherine Mulgrave after the Governor of Jamaica at the time, the Earl of Mulgrave. The image shows a picture of the Zimmermann-Mulgrave family made in an unknown studio. Catherine married Mr. Johannes Zimmermann in 1851, after divorcing Mr. Georg Peter Thompson, in 1849, with whom she had two children, Rosie and Georg Thompson. Copies of this image are held by the archives of mission 21, Basel, Switzerland, and by the archives of the city of Gerlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Archives mission 21, Basel, ref. QS-30.002.0237.02 ( and Archives of Gerlingen, ref. 10/17.1/101
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