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The Gambia River, in Upper Guinea, was one of the earliest African regions engaged in the Atlantic slave trade given that captives from the river probably entered the Spanish Americas in the mid sixteenth century via the Portuguese trading post in the Cape Verde Islands. The image is of a map of the Gambia produced by Captain John Leach in 1732. It shows the river and indicates the names of several towns located in the interior of Upper Guinea near the Gambia River. The map also shows the names of the peoples inhabiting the regions as well as the depth of the river as far as Eropina, the easternmost town located on the map. The image is reproduced courtesy of Tracy W. McGregor Library of American History, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. Permission required to reproduce.
Thomas Astley (ed.), A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels (London, 1745-1747), vol.2, plate 41, facing p.158.