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West-Central Africa was probably the principal region of slave embarkation during all periods of the transatlantic slave trade. The region used to be known as Congo Angola, corresponding roughly to the territories of present day Republic of Angola, the two Congo republics to the north of Angola, and the Republic of Gabon. The image is of a map of West-Central Africa produced by Joan Blaeu in 1662. It indicates the main ports located on the coast as well as the principal African towns situated in the interior of West-Central Africa. The map also provides an illustration of the region’s topography and locates the main rivers coming from the interior of Congo Angola. The image is reproduced courtesy of Tracy W. McGregor Library of American History, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. Permission required to reproduce.
Joan Blaeu, [Atlas major] Geographia, quae est Cosmographia Blaviana . . . (Amsterdam, 1662), vol.9, between pp. 147 and 148