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Cape Verde is an archipelago located off the coast of West Africa. The Portuguese discovered this archipelago in 1456, and since then it became a port of call in the voyages across the Atlantic. Cape Verde also produced sugar in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, but in fact the archipelago’s major activity was the slave trade. Cape Verde worked as base for the Portuguese slave trading activities on the coast of West Africa. The image is of a map of Cape Verde published by the Portuguese Commander José Joaquim Lopes de Lima in 1844. The map shows all the islands belonging to the archipelago and indicates the names of the main coastal sites of each island. In 1815 the slave traffic in the north Atlantic was illegal. Yet, after that year, historical records still show the participation of Cape Verde in the transatlantic slave trade. The image is reproduced courtesy of the Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library, Emory University.
J.J. Lopes de Lima, Ensaios sobre a Statística das Possessões Portuguezas... (Lisbon, 1844-62), vol. 1, part 1, back of p. 126.