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Príncipe Island belongs to an archipelago located at the Bight of Biafra which participated intensively in the transatlantic slave trade. The image is of three maps published by the Portuguese Commander José Joaquim Lopes de Lima in the 1840s. The center map shows the entire island with its main rivers, islets and topographical features. The map on the left shows the Agulhas Bay, situated on the west side of Príncipe Island, and the map on the right shows the bay of Santo António, where the main port and city of Príncipe Island was located. The bay of Santo António was located on the north-eastern part of the island, and it was here that slaves and freed Africans in transit or remaining in the island mostly disembarked. The image is reproduced courtesy of the Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library, Emory University.
J.J. Lopes de Lima, Ensaios sobre a Statística das Possessões Portuguezas... (Lisbon, 1844-62), vol. 2, part 2, between pp. 22-23.