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In the 1840s, Commander José Joaquim Lopes de Lima sailed to the Portuguese possessions overseas and produced one of the most detailed reports about the Portuguese Empire. Embedded in these reports were several maps of the main ports and regions involved in the Atlantic slave trade. The Portuguese were among the greatest slave traders, so the commander’s maps offer an important opportunity to view these ports and regions. The image is of a map of the old kingdoms of Angola and Benguela, in West-Central Africa. Both were claimed as Portuguese possessions in 1846. The map provides details of the rivers and the topographical features of the region. It locates several Portuguese forts spread throughout the territory as well as the location of many African powers surrounding them. Further the map also provides a view of Luanda, upper section, the major port on the coast of Angola. The image is reproduced courtesy of the Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library, Emory University.
J.J. Lopes de Lima, Ensaios sobre a Statística das Possessões Portuguezas... (Lisbon, 1844-62), vol. 3, part 1, front.